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Among different duties, he was basically President of the U . s . College of Cardiology and editor at Circulation. Together with Professors Dirk Brutsaert and Shigetake Sasayama, he developed a system of scientists focusing on cardiac work and biology, establishing the La Jolla-Kyoto-Antwerp Conferences, which rotates through the three continents. Describing Dr Ross’s contributions to modern cardiovascular medication in several words is of the utmost trouble, as his pursuits spanned many regions of myocardial disease, allowing him to create several landmark observations (Circ Res 110, 2012, 1166-1168).

Golay Award 2014”. Down the road, the “Giorgio Nota Award 2014” was introduced to Salvatore Fanali (CNR, Rome, Italy). The first working day of the ISCC meeting provided 3 lecture periods, one poster session, 4 seminars and a user conference. At the end of your day all attendees liked from the capturing notes of an instrumental orchestra, accompanied by a cocktail buffet. Throughout his profession, Dr Ross acquired numerous prizes in reputation of his exceptional achievements.

ISCC symposium started in parallel on Tuesday morning hours with the opening address of the chairman Luigi Mondello (University of Messina, Italy), and the “Arnaldo Liberti Medal Award” was presented to Dr. Danilo Corradini (CNR, Rome, Italy). Dr. Daniel Armstrong (The University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX, USA), presenting on “Evolution of Three Years of Separation Analysis”. The award lecture “Evolution of Three Years of Separation Research” adopted, by Daniel Armstrong from the University of Texas at Arlington (Arlington, TX, USA), who was awarded with the “M.J.E.

Luisa Schipilliti (University of Messina, Italy), presenting on “Characterization Of Secondary Metabolites Of Citrus Plant life By Using Gas Chromatography Hyphenated To Carbon Isotope Ratio Bulk Spectrometry (GC-C-IRMS)”. Kari L. Organtini (The Pennsylvania Condition University, University Recreation area, PA, USA), presenting on “Usage of Atmospheric Pressure Ionization Coupled to Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry for the Research of Mixed-Halo Planar Substances”.

On 11 April 2019, John Ross Jr, a legendary physique in cardiovascular treatments who influenced generations of cardiovascular experts and cardiologists during the last six decades, passed away at his residence in La Jolla, California. He remaining this world soon after the disappearance of his beloved companion, Dr Lola Romanucci-Ross, a notable cultural anthropologist and colleague at the University of California NORTH PARK (UCSD). They had been wedded since 1972 (see picture).

GC×GC Symposium, and published in specific printed issues. They are focused on the most recent developments in the field of liquid and gasoline chromatography, specially in hyphenation with mass spectrometry, along with improved sampling tactics and extraction methodologies. New insights are given in to the separation mechanisms in monodimensional and multidimensional applications, making use of novel stationary phases, and significant achievements are presented from the recognition standpoint. This virtual matter also offers the readers usage of this program book, abstracts, list of award dinners, and photos from the symposium. I hope the readers will undoubtedly be interested to the new format and enjoy its features.

gerd-peter ross
gerd-peter ross

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