Bach Tercentenary Issues of Periodicals: A Selected Bibliography on JSTOR

Hudson, Joshua A.; to Lam Analysis Corporation Technique to deposit sidewall passivation for high factor ratio cylinder etch 10304693 Cl. H01L 21/31138. AbuGhazaleh, Shadi Alex; Papageorge, Ryan Gene; and Scanzillo, Thomas John 10305230 Cl. H01R 13/6683. Huard, Vincent; and Parthasarathy, Chittoor, to STMicroelectronics (Crolles SAS Method for estimating a great operating profile of the built-in circuit of a system-on-a-chip, and corresponding system-on-a-chip 10302693 Cl. G01R 31/2858.

Additional activities

Schulz, Peter J.; Black, Marc S.; Turpin, Matthew M.; Bonekamp, Jeffrey E.; and Hogan, Todd A. Froschmeier, Andrea; Hofmann, Thomas; in addition to Schuh, Christian 10301275 Cl. C07D 307/46.

Hendifar, Gabriel; and Anderson, Jeremy Ur., to APPARATUS LLC Light fixture D0849990 Cl. D26‑108. Hendifar, Gabriel; and Anderson, Jeremy R., to DEVICE LLC Light fixture D0849986 Cl. D26‑83. Helle, Philipp; Marpe, Detlev; Oudin, Claire; and Wiegand, Thomas, to GE VIDEO COMPRESSION, LLC Inheritance in sample range multitree subdivision 10306271 Craigslist. H04N 19/96. Heisig, Christopher Chemical.; Kaiser, Nancy-Hope E.; plus Smith, Thomas W., to American Sterilizer Company Lower pH phenolic disinfectant with out para tertiary amylphenol 10299473 Cl. A01N 31/08. Hehn, Markus; Waibel, Markus; and D’Andrea, Raffaello, to Verity Companies AG Distributed localization techniques and methods and self-localizing apparatus 10302737 Cl. G01S 5/0289.

Secretary of State at the particular Federal Ministry of Meals, Agriculture and Consumer Safety, 2005–2013

Hegyi, Alex; Martini, Joerg; Kiesel, Peter; and Biegelsen, David K., to Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated Obtaining spectral information coming from a moving object 10302494 Cl. G01J 3/447. Heath, Michael C.; and Dewey, Roger D., to Able Device, Inc. Healy, Robert Claire; and Errington, Craig David, to TWISTED FOOT, LLC Portable tamper D0849997 Cl. D27‑196.


Driving mechanism and caution device using the same 10301785 Cl. E01F 9/692. Huang, Chi-Ming; Chen, Che-Hsun; in addition to Tseng, Chuang-Wei, to HONGFUJIN PRECISION ELECTRONICS(TIANJIN)CO., LTD. Hua, Fay; Kamgaing, Telesphor; plus Swan, Johanna M., in order to INTEL CORPORATION System about package architecture including structures on die back part 10304804 Cl. H01L 25/0657. Program and way of ground fault detection 10302688 Cl. G01R 31/025. Hu, Jiangang; Liu, Zhijun; McGuire, Jeffrey D.; and Wei, Lixiang, to Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

  • Captain christopher, John Andrew; Congreve, Kilometers Stuart; Bucknell, Sarah Joanne; Deflorian, Francesca; Pickworth, Mark; and Mason, Jonathan Stephen 10300056 Cl. A61K 31/496.
  • Hicks, III, John Alson; plus O’Neil, Douglas R., to be able to AT&T Intellectual Property I actually, L. P.
  • System and method for removing speckle from a scene lit by a coherent light supply 10299732 Cl. A61B 5/7207.
  • Micrograft for the particular treatment of intracranial aneurysms and way for make use of 10299775 Cl. A61B 17/0057.

Hatanaka, Mitsuyuki; and Chinen, Toru, to Sony Company Decoding device, decoding technique, encoding device, encoding technique, and program with downmixing of decoded audio info 10304466 Cl. G10L 19/008. Hashimoto, Ryoji; Mochizuki, Seiji; and Iwata, Kenichi, to Renesas Electronics Corporation Image coding device and image decoding device 10306236 Cl. H04N 19/159.

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Hines, Michelle; Kalahasti, Geetha; Florence, Tiffany; plus Gan, David, to Martha Kay Inc. Hiller, Nathan D.; to Boeing Organization, The Remote optical amplifiers powered by scattered light 10302865 Cl. G02B 6/255.

Handshaw, Darran Jordan; Giordano, Joseph D.; Barkan, Edward; and Drzymala, Level, to Symbol Technologies, LLC Imaging module for helping printed circuit boards inside a predetermined angular partnership inside an imaging readers, and method of assemblage 10306117 Cl. H04N 5/2252. Hampton, John; and Wallace, Greg, to FILTRATION TECHNOLOGY COMPANY Filtration system and approach 10300411 Cl. B01D 29/50. Halker, Ravi; Tripathi, Manish; in addition to Dimke, Bernward, to WiTricity Corporation Systems, methods, and apparatus related to mutual detection and identification of electric vehicle and charging place 10300805 Cl. B60L 11/1846. Wahl, Henry van de Velde in Weimar (2007; as in note, 141–5. The prospectus for the Dresden 1906 exhibition is reprinted in Wahl, Henry van sobre Velde in Weimar (2007, such as note, 149–52.

Array substrate, fabricating method thereof, in addition to display device 10304682 Craigslist. H01L 21/28. Han, Ji Yeon; Kim, Eun Joo; Shelter, Hae Kwang; and Kang, Hyunseo, to AMOREPACIFIC ORGANIZATION Evaluation device for skin texture based on pores and skin blob and method thereof 10304202 Cl. G06T 7/40. Hamada, Kenji; and Imaizumi, Masayuki, to Mitsubishi Electric Corporation SiC semiconductor device getting pn junction interface in addition to way of manufacturing the Semblable semiconductor device 10304939 Craigslist. H01L 29/6606. Hama, Soichi; plus Semba, Satoshi, to FUJITSU LIMITED Biometric image control apparatus and biometric graphic processing method 10303917 Craigslist. G06K 9/0004.

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Nissim, Ahuva; Marshall, David; and Howard, Mark 10300451 Cl. B01J 19/0046. Hughes, Thomas; Houssais, Alain; and Granseigne, Laurent 10302255 Cl. F17D 1/00. Houpis, Ioannis Nicolaos; Jonckers, Tim Hugo Maria; Raboisson, Pierre Jean-Marie Bernard; plus Tahri, Abdellah, to Janssen Sciences Ireland Unlimited Organization Uracyl spirooxetane nucleosides 10301347 Cl. C07H 19/10.

hans-gerd krumbach

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