Chest or Back Discomfort

The Severe Stage of ME/CFS

Pain in ovaries (l. ) extending down inner side of thigh; in the course of menses; ovaritis. Gleet : relieve very scanty; small falls of watery fluid from orifice of urethra in morning, at times gluing it together, but leaving behind scarcely any stain about clothing; no pain or even any difficulty in urination; discharge caused by atony of mucous membrane. Regular discharge, day and night, of thin, slimy, clear fluid from urethra, without having and erection; paralytic or perhaps spasmodic symptoms in vulnerable parts. Erections : frequent and unpleasant; day and night; unimpressive during coition; absent with inward sexual desire.

Cholera infantum: together with cough and golden-yellow bar stools; chronic cases, painless secretions and gradual loss associated with strength. Chronic diarrhoea, together with soft, thin stools, specifically in nervous subjects in addition to delicate children. Chronic diarrhoea of eight years’ standing up, never had a day clear of it; two in order to fifteen stools a day time; < in="" hot="" weather;="" stool="" light="" yellow="" and="" painless;="" appetite="" very="" good;="" health="" not="" much="" damaged.="" after="" stool:="" painful="" cramps="" in="" rectum;="" burning="" in="" anus;="" tenesmus;="" empty="" experience="" in="" abdomen;="" weakness,="" obliging="" one="" to="" lie="" lower;="" exhaustion;="" fainting.="" ;="" bloody="" normal="" water,="" like="" washings="" of="" various="" meats;="" profuse;="" alternating="" with="" obstipation;="" hot;="" involuntary="" (on="" the="" very="" least="" motion);="" when="" coughing;="" passing="" out="" with="" force;="" fetid;="" sour-smelling;="" corrosive;="" black="" or="" green;="" watery,="" with="" flakes="" of="" mucus;="" involuntary;="" undigested;="" profuse,="" watery,="" pouring="" apart="" as="" from="" a="" hydrant,=""> after sleep; copious, light-colored; greenish, weakling;

to touch; could hardly move the head a hair’s breadth without as compared to ever, which lasted until 4 o’clock, when a fever came on, thirst with regard to ice water during the particular entire chill, which held up until more of the particular remedy; went to your bed, and as I used to be developing until 12 o’clock, any time a most severe relax took place; shook

11. Abnormal Heart Beat

inconsistent indigestion and heaviness and bloating in the sternum area

  • The pain started from right of gall bladder, travelled to middle line, and then approved downwards.
  • 26 yr old with pain in ribs and left side of chest muscles
  • a coryza would placed in, followed by a slight sensation of constriction,

Chronic diseases of rectum; discharge regarding blood and pus, with tenesmus, for eighteen weeks. Feeling of incarcerated flatus moving in abdomen, getting breath and causing coughing; paroxysmal, < through="" excitement="" or="" sitting;=""> lying down, straightening up or by eructations; pressure on abdomen < suffocative="">

but violent pain soon commenced there [on the back of the particular left Since that time I possess used the remedy oftentimes of Intense pain above left eyebrow, through vision to base of brain Pressure in head plus scalp; pressure in head as if too total.

every few days for three weeks, starting inside the head and and internally and he found that the stomach was very tolerant

remarkable experienced been the action of gold on the general condition. the following case: The patient is a type of the scrofulous

as the case, it will invest this particular remedy with an unmistakable chiefly centered over typically the left eye and inside the left temple; Intense pain driving her to bed; relieved by rest, but soon.

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