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I guess unless you go listen to the previous four albums. Not always worse (“Amaranth” may be my favorite song of theirs), but not always better. i’m totally random i was just looking at a video for the band Nile on youtube and this was one of the sidelinks and i clicked it randomly.

yeah thats actually one of my least favorite Gojira covers, looks like some second tier indie band cover. i wonder what guys who listen to black label society and pantera are into. Yeah, all the metal dudes I know are firmly on the left. I’d always liked French band Celeste, but holy crap are they ever good live.

And very pleased at the prospect of a new Katatonia album in the the first half of the year.

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The one stoner/sludge album I love right now is Giant King’s Dismal Hollow. I’m pretty generous when it comes to Southern sludge sounding stuff. Listening to the new album by Australia’s I Exist, II: The Broken Passage. Ugh, I gave up after the paragraph where he brought up illegible band logos for the third time.

Yeah, versatility is one thing, having the operatic equivalent of Corpsegrinder’s vocals is another – and with Nightwish, I want the latter. Tarja can barely pronounce English words properly, that would totally derail a concept album. Anette brought personality and versatility to a record that demanded it from a singer. Actually, it can mean that she’s a raging bitch nobody else in the band likes, and the keyboardist and bassist, who run the show, were tired of her.

I’m watching Mayhem for the first time in Oslo on Saturday night. That, and it is one of the all time best metal records ever made.

Helps more if you have all the right members in the band still living/performing. The new Baroness single is the first music of theirs that I enjoyed. I will give anything a chance, but I have yet to hear a single Baroness song that I enjoyed.

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Mainstream metal songs seem to be a small gene pool in there. plus the underground stuff but the main acts i mentioned get played and the same tracks get voted up as soon as theyve finished.

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There’s only one song that’s more than six minutes long, plus you get an acoustic version of one song (presumably this will be a bonus track on the deluxe edition, or something). More seriously, this is a more aggressive, and more concise, album from them. There was some mild dismay at the fact that while there is a song with “Storm” in the title, and one with “Sword” in its title, there is no song with “Fire” or “Flames” in its title. Unfortunately, I guess nobody realized that rock radio isn’t really a path to success for anybody anymore (except maybe Five Finger Death Punch). My guess is, their previous albums didn’t do as well as people had hoped and so this was a last-ditch effort to find that elusive success by going for rock radio.

Lacuna Coil were a whole lot better when they were touring off of good albums. It kind of feels like what would happen if Sanford Parker produced a Meshuggah record. They’re like the metal Ween without the sense of humor at this point. Man, Sean, I used to feel the same way about BOC, but hearing Secret Treaties really opened my eyes – there is so much more to love about BOC than what classic rock radio would have you believe.

Metal is no longer a young man (or even a man’s) game. I’m impressed by the Author & Punisher too, and love the Corsair. didn’t make a huge impression on my initial listen this morning but it seemed solid enough. Not sure what traction they have outside NZ, but I’m really stoked Beastwars seem to be reaching some sort of Mastodon crossover status after their self-titled debut last year; there’s enough bogans in the country that we’ve been ripe for a stoner-y band w/popular appeal to catch on.

I also have to say local openers Pinkish Black were great.Their synth and drums goth doom sound is overwhelming at high volume. I must have been away at the time, because I would have investigated if I’d seen your post.

Unfortunately, I’m not as into this A Forest of Stars record as I was the last one. Plenty to like on both, but the Bullet album sounds tired, while Witchraft is SORELY missing the psychedelic influence that made The Alchemist so great.

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