Dr. Gerd Leipold

Ipek Cem was recently inside Amsterdam to meet along with Gerd Leipold, Executive Overseer of Greenpeace International. They discussed very pressing concerns, including climate change, indivisible energy, deforestation and exactly what constitutes sound environmental plan. think there is far also much discussion about elemental power. It is not necessarily essential for the climate, plus all its dangers still continue to exist, and I think that applies to Turkey, too. I mean, Poultry is a country of which has to be ready for earthquakes.

Gerd Leipold, the executive director associated with Greenpeace, seems to be caught on the defensive since the BBC interviewer asserts that the declaration is false, as the great Greenland ice sheet (which falls in the Arctic) is unlikely to dissolve by 2030. This guide provides an evaluation of the particular science and policy discussions on climate change plus offers a reframing associated with the challenges they cause, as understood by important international experts and players in the field. This also gives an important and original perspective on interpretation climate action and supplies convincing evidence of the some weakness of arguments that body climate policy as a new win-or-lose situation.

Greenpeace and the Greenland ice shelf

Stephen Sackur talks to Dr Gerd Leipold, the outgoing professional director of Greenpeace Worldwide, about confrontational campaigning. Today in the 15th year, the particular BSR Annual Conference is usually the largest global gathering dedicated to corporate responsibility. This year’s theme, “Designing a Sustainable Future, inches will present three dozens of sessions on a variety of CSR issues such as climate change plus the environment, sustainable design, emerging economies, governance, individual rights and more.

During a BBC Hardtalk interview with Sophie Sackur, the executive overseer of Greenpeace, Gerd Leipold, admitted that a This summer news story which said that “we are searching at ice-free summers within the Arctic around 2030” was a “mistake”. International’s nuclear disarmament campaign within 1987. Between 1993 plus 2001, Gerd Leipold was Director of GEM Lovers Ltd, a London-based agency, where he advised a number of leading NGOs on campaign and efficiency development and communication.

Energy Changeover in Latin America (Argentina, Brazil and Mexico)

Among 1993 and 2001 he or she ran his own consultancy company ‘Gem Partners Ltd’ in London. From i b?rjan p? tv?tusentalet to 2009 he has been the Executive Director of Greenpeace International. He is usually now consulting companies in sustainable development and suggests NGOs and scientific organizations on communication and technique. He is a trustee of the Humboldt – Viadrina School of Governance and a member of typically the advisory board of the German development organization Welthungerhilfe.

Connecting People in addition to Ideas Globally

“We need to do what all of us can to provide assist and support to bring some relief to these kinds of devastated areas. In this way, we hope to be able to contribute to the efforts to alleviate a tragic situation, inches said Doctor Gerd Leipold, Executive Director of Greenpeace International. It’s partly echoed a debate overseas where environmentalists, like the originator regarding the Gaia theory, Adam Lovelock, have said that nuclear power may become the only solution to the particular power and climate switch crisis the world today faces. The climate change sceptics – and the blogs on which they mass – have been cock-a-hoop with unbridled happiness in the past number of days with all the belief that they have snared the best One.

Would anyone genuinely want, a country that is unstable, would anyone need that country to have nuclear power and the possibility to possess plutonium, the possibility eventually to produce nuclear weapons? I cannot see that. Gerd Leipold is Essential Executive Director of Greenpeace, and he’s in Australia at the moment. “Between 1981 plus 1990 Gerd played a key role in Greenpeace Germany. During his tenure as Director and Trustee of that office, this developed from a small group of volunteers to the biggest environmental organisation inside Germany – with more than 80 staff, over 4 hundred, 000 supporters and a new yearly income of twenty-five million Euros. In 1987, Gerd also undertook typically the co-ordination of the Greenpeace International disarmament campaign. Major a team of 35 campaigners from 15 different Greenpeace offices, the strategy opposed sea-based nuclear weapons, nuclear submarines and the particular testing of nuclear guns by all nuclear forces.

Dr . Gerd Leipold “was appointed Executive Director associated with Greenpeace International in February 2001. He has the long history of magnificent Greenpeace initiatives. For instance, that kicks off in august 1983 he piloted a hot-air balloon from West Berlin into typically the former GDR, in protest against the nuclear weapons test being carried out there by the four living in nations. Inside the same year he became Director of Greenpeace in Germany in addition to, starting with a little party of volunteers, created typically the largest German environmental company with 80 employees in addition to an annual income from charitable contributions of DM50 million.

He has had a long association together with Greenpeace, having worked for the organisation for inside various capacities for above 20 years. We are broadly sympathetic with Greenpeace on this one, but this has learned a hard lesson regarding the need to be super accurate any time entering the climate change cage fight. Perhaps typically the greater “crime” was Leipold’s admission that “we’re not really embarrassed with emotionalising issues”.

And that more and more people have it. But, it just displays simply how much if we employ the energy we certainly have already much, much better, of which in the rich nations, we could even reduce energy consumption, and still have got economic growth. And the… what is less used in energy in the rich countries is then available to protect the climate, is available for the developing countries who unquestionably will need more vitality than they have now. If we believe that these kinds of nuclear reactors were all over the world, simply imagine Indonesia would come to be a country with the large use of elemental reactors.

It is believed that developed countries have to commit at least $140 billion public funds yearly to enable developing countries in order to increase the switch to clean technology, to quickly reduce tropical forest destruction and to help bad communities adapt to inevitable climate change. The G20 meeting should boost typically the momentum for transition to a low-carbon economy.

These kinds of are huge amounts associated with money but only a fraction of what offers been committed to the particular bank bailouts. It is definitely no longer acceptable these issues be put aside mainly because of cost. And inspire visitors to follow the ongoing voyage in our ship the Arctic Sunrise around Greenland with a crew that includes world renowned glaciologists who are doing groundbreaking technology to learn just how a lot of an impact weather change is having upon the region. Last week on this program, all of us heard proponents of nuclear power pushing it as an answer to the worldwide warming caused by coal-burning power stations.

Two – a few years ago Greenpeace a new very, very great success two years ago, in order to be precise, that through a very intelligent advertising campaign where we targeted McDonald’s, who was taking soya from the Amazon (yes) and then got McDonald’s on our side to negotiate with the erain traders, in addition to out of installed a new two year moratorium on deforestation for soya plantations. And this moratorium is currently coming up for revival, but it will be renewed, and so we now have a few hopeful signs, and exactly what I actually think in the circumstance of the Amazon will be a hopeful sign is no longer just a good international issue, this not necessarily an issue where Traditional western environmentalists want to protect trees and animals. It is something where Brazilian people are as much involved in it, where local those who live in the particular Amazon assert, “It does not help us to lower down the trees, and disrupt the water supplies, and also have not what we normally requirement for our living. So that… this a new truly universal issue, and that local people – individuals who are not often very rich – care concerning the future. I believe presently there is often this misunderstanding that if you are usually poor you may do almost everything. This completely wrong. Maybe frequently poor people care a lot more, as they care a lot more maybe sometimes for relationships, for family, for kids. I think they occasionally care more without having to be rich for nature, care for animals, because they have a new relationship, a natural connection.

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