– was not a “racist crime” but the RESULT of a national conflict and a WAR, with religious overtones, from the Muslim perspective, launched by the Arabs themselves. jews “old yishuv” were ethnically cleansed from gaza,hebron,Judea&Samaria, leaving behind their homes,shops E.T.C…(their grave stones desecrated, used as pavements and latrines)in many cases the new muslim occupiers didn’t even bother to erase the david star marks engraved by the former jewish owners on the stone gates and they are still visible today to the naked eye.

WWII reference and the propensity of Jewish parents to send their children to summer camps. I have only found one reference to it, but I believe it is most likely from the fact that in the first half of the twentieth century, for a period almost fifty percent of the Bronx was Jewish, thus they were seemingly like the native population of the Bronx. Jews who act Black, like the Jewish rap group The Beastie Boys. Originally, a word for the native Japanese islanders from Hokkaido, but now means roughly a “primitive” person. While all races in Chinese are refered to as a type of ghost/shadow (sub-human), the word for Japanese is unique in that it means child.

Archer’s drink name “Horatio Cornblower” is a pun on the fictional Royal Navy officer Horatio Hornblower. Archer asks Malory if she smells toast, suspecting she is having a stroke. Archer says they would have to lock Cheryl in the vault every full moon, referencing the mythology of werewolves who are said to transform during the full moon. One Laptop per Child Soldier is a reference to One Laptop per Child.


Coincidentally also the word for “White” in Cambodian culture or Khmer language. Would not be suprised if used for black people as well, but definately more commonly used towards other whites. Or could also reference white trash who have lots of children. It’s a racist term because when white people realize the truth, whatever pride they have in being American will be crushed.

“Oh, I’d like for people to remember me for my fine sermons and church growth,” said the newest member of the group. “I’d like for people to say, ‘He was a good father and husband, a man whose life was a fine example for others to follow,” intoned another. “The Pilgrim children enjoyed going to church with their mothers and fathers and praying to God,” she said. Greeting people at the door after Easter services, Pastor Jane was delighted to shake hands with “Seldom-Seen” Steve, and even more delighted when he complimented her on her sermon and said service was “amazing.” Faced with such evidence of faithfulness, she asked why he didn’t come to church more often.

Genetic analysis suggests that a majority of the Muslims of Palestine, inclusive of Arab citizens of Israel, are descendants of Christians, Jews and other earlier inhabitants of the southern Levant whose core may reach back to prehistoric times.(Gibbons, Ann (October 30, . (“(With reference to Palestinians in Ottoman times) Although proud of their Arab heritage and ancestry, the Palestinians considered themselves to be descended not only from Arab conquerors of the seventh century but also from indigenous peoples who had lived in the country since time immemorial, including the ancient Hebrews and the Canaanites before them. In Israel today that does not happen of course, but marriages between Israelis and Arab Muslims/Christians are simply not regognised by Israel, pretty much like the Bantu regulations in white South Africa.

#14 Lucy’s Fried Poultry (Austin, Texas)

But it would be suicidal to allow millions more to be citizens and since those millions are already living in other Arab nations or can easily move to one if they don’t like being a resident alien in the West Bank, it’s no big deal. It is also a fact that Arabs owned more land than Jews in every single district. You say “False”, but it is a fact that Jews owned less than 7% of the land. Indians had property rights but there were not recognized by the European settlers who took land and established their own property rights.

The good sisters took from their belt the long rosary which hung there, made together the sign of the cross, and suddenly began to move their lips in a lively murmur, as if they were going through the whole of the “Oremus.” And from time to time they kissed a medal, made the sign anew, then recommenced their muttering, which was rapid and continued. She felt indignant toward all her neighbors, and at the same time humiliated at having yielded to the foul kisses of this Prussian, into whose arms they had hypocritically thrown her. They did not go to sleep until late, that is sure, for there were threads of light shining under the doors for a long time. One might finally have believed that the sole duty of woman here below was a sacrifice of her person, and a continual abandonment to soldierly caprices. The dinner was silent, and almost immediately after it, each one went to his room to kill time in sleep.

  • We praise You that You have called us Your friends (John 15: .
  • (“(With reference to Palestinians in Ottoman times) Although proud of their Arab heritage and ancestry, the Palestinians considered themselves to be descended not only from Arab conquerors of the seventh century but also from indigenous peoples who had lived in the country since time immemorial, including the ancient Hebrews and the Canaanites before them.
  • Had the arabs accepted the UN plan, the arabs who would live in Israel would have more self determination than any other arab citizen ever had in the middle east.
  • When the border patrolmen run out of ammo, Mercedes says “espera, tenia algo para esto”, which is Spanish for “wait, I had something for this”, a frequent Archer line.

Archer refers to Lana as “Hey Eugene Debs” when she is shocked that the strike is still going on. When Lana says to Malory “Let me stay with you, we’ll do the whole Oprah and Gayle thing.” This is a reference to the social rumors of Oprah Winfrey and her best friend, Gayle King, being a lesbian couple.

Season 2, Episode 18: “Party Of Six”

The store where the mob is playing cards is a reference to The Sopranos. (pause) Shit!” The leader in question was Adolph Hitler, and the implication is that Kreiger was a Nazi that relocated to Brazil after WWII and started a new life in hiding.

Pundak, explaining to Haaretz how the Givati Brigade’s 53rd Battalion ethnically cleansed southern Palestine. people until the states of the world did so, and this is regrettable.” – The Current President of the Palestinian authority- Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas), from the official journal of the PLO, Falastin el-Thawra (“What We Have Learned and What We Should Do”), Beirut, March 1976. lowering their morale and social level…Then we exploited them in executing crimes of murder, arson and throwing stones upon men, women and children…all this in the service of political purposes…”– Khaled el-Azm, Syrian prime minister after the 1948 War, in his 1972 memoirs, published in 1973.

Further, 2/3 of what became Israel, (incl the Half that was the Negev) was State Land under the Ottomans (miri), owned by NO Arab. There has never one time in the history of time been a country called Palestine. Mohamed–also The book ‘Undercover of War’ by Rosemarie Esber will describe and support all Hammond says about the expulsion of Palestinians and destruction and theft of their property and land in 1947-8 before the invasion of neighbouring Arab statesin 1948.

Most especially the Middle-East as we now know it has been a hot-pot of migration, religious, war & displacements, commence ever since recorded. Very few races are today “same” as was 5000yrs ago, people migrate, we inter-marry etc.

Just like those in the who accused France of invading & occupying the German city of Paris in 1944 and stealing it from the Nazis, the anti-Semites of today accuse Israel of stealing Israel. It tried to perpetuate the myth that the Palestinian Arabs are a bunch of freedom fighters and the Jews are a bunch of land grabbers who stole Tel-Aviv & Jerusalem.

Israel was declared to exist without defined borders on land mostly belonging to Arabs, with the Jewish community owning less than 7%. Well its simple in Islam life is not cherished like in JudeoChristian believes, for muslims the pinnacle of their live is to be martyred to die in the service of their cult and god. Once again, by the time the neighboring Arab states managed to muster a military response, a quarter of a million Arabs had already been ethnically cleansed by the Zionist forces from Palestine. Most of Palestine’s 700,000 “refugees” fled their homes because of the flail of War (and in the expectation that they would shortly return to their homes on the backs of Victorious Arab invaders).

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