Fluorapatite: Mineral information, data and localities.

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Canadian Mineralogist 52, 373-397. vergleich der hochwasserereignisse von 2002 sowie 2013 (in Deutschland. Around the world floods are among the most frequent and many momentous natural disasters. They happen in unpredictable intervals and dimensions and always bring particularly devastating or catastrophic impacts, if they obtain into contact with individuals or its uses. Within just eleven years only Germany was affected of a couple of so-called ‘century-floods’. The expiration of extreme high drinking water can be influenced by technical measures only up to a certain degree. It is therefore necessary in order to have a high protection from the effects of massive amounts and to maintain the effect as low as achievable. Both being prepared as properly as possible and being capable of acting regarding the case of emergency are corequisite. Flood protection is a longsome in addition to s steadily continuing procedure. In dealing with typically the consequences of floods the two political measures and the particular commitment and solidarity of the citizens were popular.

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grosse Offenheit für externe Anregungen und Kooperationen ermöglichen jene flexiblen und experimentellen Strukturen, die neben deinem Normalbetrieb als Verbunds- und Fernleihbibliothek den spezifischen Charakter der Mediathek auszeichnen. The written text presents the laboratory personality of the Mediathek of the Academy of Design and Art FHNW Basel (HGK and shows on the basis of the “integrated catalogue” how the particular ongoing digitization, the specific local and institutional platform and the academic policies, including artistic and style research, influence the user profile of the Mediathek. A good efficient internal microstructure and a great openness with regard to external stimuli and aide enable flexible and fresh structures, which, in addition to the everyday business as NEBIS Network library, characterize the typical character of the Mediathek.

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gerd ronneburg

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