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Preferred fibers consist of various forms of cellulose fibers, such as treated or untreated, bleached or even unbleached Kraft pulp. The particular fiber cement building materials might be fully cured, partially cured or in the uncured “green” state. Because sunlight durability influences lengthy term durability in cold and thawing environments in addition to sunlight can cause micro-cracking of paint polymer motion pictures which will lead to ingress of water and moisture to the substrate, typically the performance record of products described herein show that it is withstands sunshine well. Sunlight durability is usually measured by evaluating difference in gloss and color relative to the amount of sun light striking the surface. [0047] Sunlight durability is a great important feature of chemicals and coatings, especially whenever the paint and covering is used for aesthetic reasons, like an exterior layer for buildings.

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[0035] A representative embodiment of a paint composition formulation described herein is provided in TABLE 2 which includes the amount of each element as a wt. % depending on total solids. Normal water is present with the holding polymer when provided inside a dispersion as well as in additional components of the coating composition.

1 depicts a representative assessment of water absorption on sealed substrates applied along with a paint composition explained herein (square) versus one more commercial paint (triangle); unfreeze resistance and reduces normal water ingress as compared along with another paint formulation minus the same sized polymeric particles. The paint formulation associated with claim 1, wherein the pigment includes a color dispersing aid that will be a water sensitive salt or potassium salt regarding an organic compound. The particular paint formulation of declare 1, wherein the binder is a polymer blend in which one of the particular binders is a fiuoro-acrylic polymer. The paint ingredients of claim 1, where water is added separately and the added water comprises 35% by weight or less.

[0041] Paint formulations described herein are applied to a surface of a substrate using the brush, blade, roller, sprayer (e. g., air-assisted or airless, electrostatic), vacuum coater, curtain coater, flood coater or some kind of suitable device of which promotes an even distribution of the paint formula over the surface, even if the surface is damaged, put on, or cracked. [0040] When coating a constructing product with the preferred formulation prepared as explained, a minumum of one layer is coated over a surface of the particular substrate requiring a coating to impart improved weather resistance and freeze-thaw opposition to the substrate. [0021] Generally, a paint composition formulation described here is a water-borne ingredients having a binding plastic or mixture of polymers to achieve durability, specifically in challenging environments.

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The color formulation of claim one, wherein the binder is an acrylic or acrylic blend. [0058] A new sealer was applied to six sides of a 5/16″ x 8. 25″ x 12″ uncoated fiber cement plank (e. g., Select Cedarmill©, James Hardie, Mission Viejo, CA) to some DFT of 0. 4-0. several and the sealer was dried to 160-180° F board surface temperature (BST). Primed or unprimed creating materials may be covered with at least 1 paint composition described here.

The paint composition as designed may also offer to cementitious substrates a suitable coating for preventing salt deterioration, efflorescence and water absorption. Typically the paint composition may likewise be applied to concrete walls, walks, and might include an aggregate to the mixture to alter the finish or give a texture. [0053] A paint composition and ingredients herein is particularly useful being a paint for dietary fiber cement building materials, this kind of as composites of gypsum or cement.

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  • 8 describes a Δb color graph over time under sun light conditions for a paint composition described herein (square) as compared with one more comparative paint (triangle).
  • The color composition when applied to be able to surfaces of building materials will protect the building material from external and environmental exposure and offer benefits to the coated item, especially when exposed in order to challenging environmental conditions or where soluble salts (e. g., chlorides, nitrates, sulfates) are present.
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  • Color compositions, formulations and films therefrom as described thus will be suitable for virtually any building product, whether organic, synthetic or composite inside nature.

Appropriately, a coating composition described herein typically has from about 30% to about 80% total solids or from about 40% to about 70% by bodyweight. [0031] In addition, a formulation described here may include one or perhaps more functional extenders to be able to increase coverage, reduce expense, achieve durability, alter physical appearance, control rheology, and/or effect other desirable properties. Scuh coating additives are usually current in the formulation in a amount from about 0 to about 18% simply by weight or up in order to 18 by weight plus from about 1 to about 15% by bodyweight in line with the total weight regarding the formulation.

Preferably, PVC is at least 20% and typically much less than 40% to realise a favored binder concentration along with a steady formulation without settling or foaming. Representative samples of suitable associative thickeners used herein include Acrysolâ„¢ RM 8W and Acrysolâ„¢ RM- 2020 NPR (trademarks of Rohm & Haas Company, Phila., PA). Cellulosic thickeners carry out by swelling in normal water and are undesirable in many preferred embodiments as additional described herein. Associative thickeners such as, for example, hydrophobically modified alkali swellable acrylic copolymers and hydrophobically modified urethane copolymers usually impart more Newtonian rheology to emulsion paints in contrast to conventional thickeners such as, for example, cellulosic thickeners. [0027] Good examples of suitable defoamer’s consist of but are not limited to BYKâ„¢ 018, BYK ®

[0050] The specimens used in the illustrations above was representative of a fiber cement building material. Briefly, samples have been sealed and painted together with a paint composition referred to herein (represented by potager in FIGS. 4 shows representative images illustrating much less damage to the painted surface of a formula described herein (top images) as compared with the commercial paint (bottom images). 3 shows representative pictures showing superior performance of a paint formulation explained herein (top) as Paper towels were used to eliminate water from the surface of each specimen following soaking.

While polymeric particles in other conventional paint formulations range in dimensions from 150 to two hundred fifity nanometers, paint compositions described herein include polymeric particles (or a blend of polymeric particles) that range in size from regarding 50 to about two hundred fifity nanometers or to below 250 nanometers. Typically, typically the binding polymer is produced from a number of monomers, illustrations of which include polyvinylidine fluoride, styrene, alpha-methyl styrene, vinyl chloride, acrylonitrile, methacrylonitrile, ureido methacrylate, vinyl acetate, vinyl esters of branched tertiary monocarboxylic acids, itaconic acid, crotonic acid, maleic acid, fumaric acid, ethylene, and C4-C8 conjugated dienes. The polymer may become based on at least one acrylic monomer, such as a good acrylic acid, acrylic acid solution ester, methacrylic acid, in addition to methacrylic acid ester.

Similarly, a paint structure herein shows superior normal water resistance and light stability in comparison with an option paint commercially available yet possessing inferior properties, such since poor durability, light stability and water resistance. [0052] As described, a new paint composition described thus is one that coalesces well and improves water/salt water freeze thaw opposition as compared with an option commercial paint having substandard freeze thaw resistance. two hundred fifity was directly applied in order to the coated surface after the surface was drenched in tap water regarding about one day. compared together with a water-borne acrylic business paint (bottom), which went through severe cracking of the painted surface after the freeze-thaw cycles.

[0025] As well as the above, paint formulations and their embodiments typically include one or more additives included for properties, such as regulating circulation and leveling, sheen, Appropriate firm-forming aids or coalescing agents include glycol ethers (e. g., products from Eastman Chemical Company, Kingsport, TN, including DB, EB, PM, EP) and ester alcohols (e. g., items from Eastman Chemical Organization, Kingsport, TN, including Texanol), as examples. [0024] Paint formulations further consist of more than one film-forming aids or perhaps coalescing agents. Pigments include those in the form of titanium oxide, calcium supplement carbonate, clay, aluminum oxide, silicon dioxide, magnesium o2, magnesium silicate, barium metaborate monohydrate, sodium oxide, potassium oxide, talc, barytes, zinc oxide, zinc sulfite in addition to mixtures thereof. [0023] A formulation described herein further comprises one or even more pigments.

The holding chamber can be used to accelerate harm brought on by sunlight, rain and condensed surface moisture or dew. Specimens were revealed to 100 freeze-thaw cycles in a salt water remedy of 3. 5% salt chloride using an environmental chamber. Each specimen has been weighed before and after soaking in water to determine percent absorption.

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