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Cross-Cultural Measurement Equivalence of Generalized Have confidence in. Evidence from the European Social Survey (2002 and 2004). What does European Social Survey data claim about work-life balance fulfillment, working time and work attachment in V4 countries?.

The anti-recognition purpose of sialic acids: analyses with erythrocytes and macrophages

Societal development, interpersonal stratification and energy- and achievement-values. Inglehart’s scarcity hypothesis and the theory of the sociable production functions in the comparative analysis of values. Welfare state ideals in the European Union, 2002-2008.

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Mining cross-cultural relations from Wikipedia – A study of 31 European food cultures. Stockholm University Linnaeus Focus on Social Plan and Household Dynamics in Europe.

Can informal economic activities be explained by interpersonal and institutional elements? A comparative analysis. There’s some facts to claim that people who are prone to recurrent anaphylactic (serious allergic) reactions may be experiencing histamine intolerance along with their allergies. In such circumstances the histamine introduced in the allergic reaction swiftly rises to a dangerously higher level, leading to a predicament that could be life-threatening. Although some staphylococcal strains will be able to form an in vitro biofilm, others aren’t (3, 7).

The Differentiation of Social Demands in European countries. The Social Foundation of the European Models of Capitalism . Well-Becoming in Married and Cohabiting Families with Kids and Social Support during Economic Recession in Europe.

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Will be Conceptions of Adulthood General and Unisex? Ages and Sociable Markers in 25 EUROPE. The Across Nations Task and the European Community Survey (Guest Editor’s Introduction). Democratic Ideals and Protest Behaviour.

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  • Research study on environmental impacts of deep-sea miningMineral recycleables come in great demand, which is why in the past unused deposits are also getting into focus.
  • Christian Democratic voting in six west Europe.
  • New Proof from the German Labor Market and Sociable Security (PASS) Research.
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  • Is the Assortment of Interviewer Observations Worthwhile within an Economic Panel Survey?

Harmonization Still Failing? Inconsistency of Knowledge Variables in Cross-National Public Thoughts and opinions Surveys. Can we evaluate representativeness of cross-national surveys using the education variable?. Social Funds and Self-Rated Well being among Ageing Folks in Urban and Rural Places in Finland and in Europe. Influence of Social-Economic Variables оn the Modern day Bulgarian Human Ideals – Experimental Results.

Equity, equality, or demand? A study of popular tastes for welfare redistribution principles across 24 European countries. Monitoring and analyzing non-response problems and fieldwork efforts in the European Sociable Survey. Association between attendance at religious expert services and self-reported health in 22 Europe. Utilizing the Review of the Social-Economic Factors Impact on the Modern Bulgarian Human Ideals through IBM SPSS Amos Software.

aureus strains throughout this study and discovered that, for those strains that develop PIA/PNSG, PIA/PNSG generation is certainly stimulated by anaerobic conditions. PIA/PNSG manufacturing was seen in approximately the same proportion of strains as noted by McKenney et al. to produce PNSG (reference20 and data certainly not shown). This does not necessarily mean that apparently PIA/PNSG-damaging strains produce no PIA/PNSG or PIA/PNSG-like product(s), however. Support because of this idea stems from our observation a few biofilm-beneficial strains transcribeica-specific RNA but create no detectable PIA/PNSG (data not shown).

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A Versatile tool? Using the Cross-national Error Supply Typology (CNEST) to triangulated pre-test information. Differences in response rates across the ESS participated nations in comparison to Slovak national information.

A Quasi-Experiment on the Origins of Political Trust in Europe. Neighborhood Ethnic Composition and Resident Perceptions of Safety in European Countries. Immigration sceptics, xenophobes or racists? Radical right-wing voting in six West Europe.

Some Survey Insights into Anti-Celebration Attitudes in Poland, 1995-2011. Social capital and unemployment. A macro-quantitative research of the European regions. THE CONSEQUENCES of Community and Labour Market Plans of EU-places on the Socio-Economic Integration of Initial and Second Era Immigrants from Several International locations of Origin.

Do Transitions to Adulthood Converge in European countries? An Optimal Matching Research of Work-Spouse and children Trajectories of Males and females from 20 European Countries.

gerd egge
gerd egge

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