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Hotho, Andreas; Jäschke, Robert; Schmitz, Christoph; Stumme, Gerd in LNCS ( . Hotho, Andreas; Jäschke, Robert; Schmitz, Christoph; Stumme, Gerd in Lecture Information in Computer Science , Y. Schmitz, Christoph; Hotho, Andreas; Jäschke, Robert; Stumme, Gerd in LNCS ( . Hoser, Bettina; Hotho, Andreas; Jäschke, Robert; Schmitz, Christoph; Stumme, Gerd in LNCS ( . Jäschke, Robert; Hotho, Andreas; Schmitz, Christoph; Stumme, Gerd in LNCS ( .

Modeling and Mining Ubiquitous Social Media Atzmueller, Martin; Chin, Alvin; Helic, Denis; Hotho, Andreas in Lecture Notes in Computer Science ( . ( The Social Web in addition presents new issues for recommender systems, including the complicated nature of human-to-human conversation which comes into play when recommending people and will require even more interactive and richer recommender devices user interfaces. ( New application spots for recommender systems emerge with the attractiveness of the Social Website. Kluegl, Peter; Toepfer, Martin; Lemmerich, Florian; Hotho, Andreas; Puppe, Frank in Mathematical Methodologies in Pattern Acknowledgement and Machine Mastering Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics ( .

Proceedings of the LWA 2010 – Lernen, Wissen, Adaptivität Atzmueller, Martin; Benz, Dominik; Hotho, Andreas; Stumme, Gerd in Technical report (KIS), 2010-10 ( . Atzmueller, Martin; Doerfel, Stephan; Hotho, Andreas; Mitzlaff, Folke; Stumme, Gerd ( . Scholz, Christoph; Doerfel, Stephan; Atzmueller, Martin; Hotho, Andreas; Stumme, Gerd ( . ( Recommender technology can assist Social Web methods through growing adoption and participation and sustaining membership. Mobasher, Bamshad; Jannach, Dietmar; Geyer, Werner; Freyne, Jill; Hotho, Andreas; Anand, Sarabjot Singh; Person, Ido in CEUR Workshop Proceedings ( .

Top-down and bottom-up areas of active search in a real-world surroundings.

Proceedings of the initial International Workshop on Emergent Semantics and Ontology Evolution, ESOE 2007, co-situated with ISWC 2007 + ASWC 2007, Busan, Korea, November 12th, 2007 Chen, Liming; Cudré-Mauroux, Philippe; Haase, Peter; Hotho, Andreas; Ong, Ernie in CEUR Workshop Proceedings ( Vol. In this papers we present the machine, followed by a description of the insights in the framework of its bibliographic data that we gained through the use of techniques we developed in your community of Formal Concept Research. BibSonomy is really a web-based social learning resource sharing system that allows consumers to organise and talk about bookmarks and publications in a collaborative approach. Wikis, Blogs, Bookmarking Tools – Mining the net 2.0 Workshop Berendt, Bettina; Glance, Natalie; Hotho, Andreas ( .

A workshop record: mining for and from the Semantic Net at KDD 2004. Schmitz, Christoph; Hotho, Andreas; Jäschke, Robert; Stumme, Gerd in Analyses in Classification, Data Research, and Knowledge Corporation , V. From Semantic Internet Mining to Public and Ubiquitous Mining – A Subjective Take on Past, Current, and Potential future Research.

X-ray workstations and PACS for DICOM graphic data transfer and also the chance of immediate remote services response was in addition catered for (Fig. Ultrasound Angiography The most common Power Doppler and additional modes are available with the real-time 3D People probe, but no sophisticated reconstruction for angiographies or navigation combination is included. Some neurosurgeons are a little afraid of the challenge of learning a new technology. This gives the surgeon details in a more dynamic and precise method compared to the microscope interface in conventional neuronavigation systems.

The technical papers showing up in these proceedings try to explore and understand challenges and new possibilities for recommender methods in the Social Net and were chosen in a official review process by a global program committee. The 6th ACM RecSys workshop on recommender techniques and the social web.

Kibanov, Tag; Becker, Martin; Müller, Jürgen; Atzmueller, Martin; Hotho, Andreas; Stumme, Gerd ( . Ring, Markus; Schlör, Daniel; Landes, Dieter; Hotho, Andreas in Computers & Security ( .

The real-world usefulness of vedolizumab on intestinal and articular outcomes in inflammatory bowel illnesses. Psychological interventions used to lessen sports accidental injuries: a systematic review of real-world effectiveness. Impaired habit on real-world duties following harm to the ventromedial prefrontal cortex. The result of real-world personal familiarity on the speed of face facts processing. Allocating effort and anticipating delight in schizophrenia: Marriage with real world functioning.

Assessing the real-universe cost-usefulness of adjuvant trastuzumab in HER-2/neu positive breasts cancer. Sequencing of real-world samples utilizing a microfabricated hybrid device having unconstrained direct separation channels. Buses retrofitting with diesel particle filter systems: Real-world fuel economy and roadworthiness test factors. The real-universe outcomes of managing Polycythemia Vera: Physician adherence to remedy guidelines.

Jäschke, Robert; Grahl, Miranda; Hotho, Andreas; Krause, Beate; Schmitz, Christoph; Stumme, Gerd H. From Web to Public Website: Discovering and Deploying End user and Content Profiles Berendt, B.; Hotho, A new.; Mladenic, D.; Semeraro, G. ECML PKDD Discovery Problem 2008 (RSDC’ Hotho, Andreas; Benz, Dominik; Jäschke, Robert; Krause, Beate ( .

One in the Dancing: Musical Correlates of Team Synchrony in a Real-World Club Environment. Agile science: creating valuable products for behavior switch in the real world . Incidence of real-world automotive mother or father and halogenated PAH in urban environment. The relative importance of real-time in-cab and outside feedback in managing fatigue in real-world commercial transportation operations. Real-world use, basic safety, and survival of ipilimumab in metastatic cutaneous melanoma in The Netherlands.

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