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Also a good open source european FLORIDA will be the cure to viral packages. Open up software is more democratic, secure, and has higher economic value. As the software developer, I understand opensource is a perfect way to make that happen.

Spending on software ought to be as transparent as the particular software it buys. Now i’m an open source backend engineer and also a proud supporter associated with the FOSS movement. This makes sense and rewards the public good, some thing all governments should can be found to do. Today 99% of my work and education I get completed with this sort of application.

If the general public pays for the computer code it just has to end up being public. While big corporations may not like that, public sector is – because it name states — public. Paid for the code, I possess the right to know what I purchased. ode paid by simply the people should be available to the folks.


Public sector, publicly financed projects & those affecting citizens’ fundamental rights, need to always use free software and open standards. Free/Libre & Open Source Software program enables transparency, security, increases citizens’ autonomy and ensures competition and innovation. Computer code of publicly-funded software tasks should be freely accessible for people to study, develop, enhance and use.


Free and Open Software in the Public Sector is a must in all of us world to guarantee transparency, freedom, and the safety of citizens. I totally support the request to be able to have code written regarding taxpayers money to be open source. By shifting to Open Source software you will be sending a message that you stand for the folks and openness. Software produced for public sector must be free and open resource. The softwares funded together with public money as in order to be a common reference.

In addition to available access research, open acquiring publically funded code will be the only moral move to make. I’m a strong believer inside the power of Open up Source, and would contact for software developed simply by individuals to be accessible to the people. The Money should only end up being useful for trustworthy purposes, but with proprietary software of which is impossible to confirm. Any good or support financed by public cash must remain the home of all citizens.

I expect that the tax money is used inside the most efficient approach. All code should end up being free (as in freedom), but publicly financed computer code is a good begin. I would like to audit my authorities code, I want in order to know how my information, and money, is getting used.


This makes a lot regarding sense to make widely funded code open source; if everyone pays for that, it should be openly available. With open resource comes transparency which typically leads to better privacy and security for the software’s users. I want publicly financed software produced for the public industry be made publicly available.

gerd vincenz

If you want anything at all resembling a democracy, a person need to run that on something people may trust. The open-source communiy has recently given us evidence of improvement of the particular IT tech and the evident cost reducement. Please respect what is developed simply by individuals, for the folks, as belonging to the people. All of us also need to introduce more open source technologies in to the curriculum to far better futureproof the labour industry of tomorrow. I believe in the cause I will be signing for, I think we want immediate reforms inside software production & no cost distribution of useful software.

If it’s payed by the public it should are part of the public. Ad-hoc computer code could be repurposed if it is open at no additional cost to solve some other problems in the present or future.

Besides becoming free, these systems ought to always include an open API as well. When it is not made open source it is also possible or likely to at some point become privately owned.

Free of cost code is only a win situation on a variety of levels. As someone who has used free programs for a while right now, this makes a lot associated with sense. It is a display of the quality of job that was paid for.

Better quality software with regard to a cheaper money and open public satisfaction. as a municipal servant, In my opinion that open source is the way to go for public sector. In case people pay taxes together with wich public administrations make software that software has to guarantee users freedoms plus privacy. The world without public code goes to new epoch of captivity.

gerd vincenz

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