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The Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences – BIGSSS – bestowed its first Best Paper Award on PhD Fellow Evgenia Bystrov for her outstanding paper “Testing the Second Demographic Transition Theory with Seemingly Unrelated Regression: Marital Postponement and Human Empowerment.” Staudinger, Vice President of Jacobs University Bremen and Founding Dean of the Jacobs Center on Lifelong Learning and Institutional Development (JCLL) joins Columbia University (New York) as of July 1, 2013.

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European research project »MORPH«: Tomorrow’s underwater robots tested in Southern France Researchers from the University of Erlangen, the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources and Jacobs University have found indicators for possible gold and non-ferrous metal deposits in hydrothermal vents in the ocean floor – so called ‘Black Smokers’ – in the South West Pacific. New logistics study: How do hours of service regulations affect road safety?

Cell and molecular the field of biology[edit]

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Jose Casadiego, Mor Nitzan, Sarah Hallerberg & Marc Timme (2017), Model-free inference of direct network interactions from nonlinear collective dynamics, Nature Communications 8, Article number: 2192 (2017), doi: 10.1038/s41467-017-02288-4 Bernhard Elsner, Gert Kwakkel, Joachim Kugler and Jan Mehrholz (2017), Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) for improving capacity in activities and arm function after stroke: a network meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials, Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation (JNER), 14:95, doi: 10.1186/s12984-017-0301-7

Executive MBA Graduates of “European Utility Management” Program Celebrate Final Degree Staudinger for a second term as Vice-President of the Leopoldina at its meeting on September 21, 2012. D-Forge Bremen: Jacobs professors launch first Design Thinking lab in Northwest Germany The Admissions Team and student representatives from each major will give an insight into academics and campus life.

Jacobs University’s collaborations with institutions in the Middle East have taken significant steps forward during recent trips to the region by Can Ikram, Chief Representative Middle East and Dr. Heinz-Otto Peitgen, Jacobs University’s new president elect, attends the meeting in his current role as Fraunhofer MEVIS’ director.

Discovery by Jacobs University researchers facilitates detection of immune cells that fight tumors and viruses For most people work is an integral part of their life which not only secures their life standards, but also forms the basis for social participation and personal growth. A team of four Jacobs University graduate students will be heading to London to compete in the regional finals of the 2015 Hult Prize, the world’s largest student competition which sees top-tier schools competing for $1 million in start-up funding. Jacobs University students advance to regional finals of the 2015 Hult Prize Karin Katerbau, Chair of the Board of the OLB Foundation, Dr.

Astronomy, physics and geophysics[edit]

Jacobs University students Gabriel Bicu, Traian Chivriga, Adrian Sali and Anna Zorina will be on their way to London to take part in the regional finals of the annual Hult Global Case Challenge on February 25. At Duke he is Professor of Visual and Media Studies in the Department of Art, Art History & Visual Studies. Helmut Schwarz, President of the prestigious Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation, who called for continued investment into research to sustain global economic progress.

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