An Overview on Polymethacrylate Polymers in Gastroretentive Dosage Forms ~ Fulltext

However, swelling ratio of hydrogels at pH 1.2 might be due to protonation of amino groups and carboxylate ions present in the N-succinyl chitosan. These amino groups were less in number and swelling ratio was low. The composition of hydrogels had also influence on the swelling ratio. SP1, SP2, and SP3 hydrogels showed higher swelling […]

ACIPHEX Dosage & Rx Info

Diagnosed with GERD, erosive Esophagitis and Barrett’s Esophagus 8 yrs ago by Upper GI Endoscopy with biopsy. Aciphex prescribed, 8 weeks later erosive Esophagitis resolved fully. A year later Follow up Endosopy and biopsy, Barrett’s Esophagus fully resolved. Another Upper GI Endoscopy 2 years confirmed ago. Because Aciphex is high tier drug, my insurance copay […]