Uranium Mining in Eastern Philippines: The WISMUT Legacy

In another embodiment, a constricted member having a venturi configuration is provided in the same area within the transport tube as the outlet of the injection branch. At this location gas, is injected through the ports and product is drawn out through the interior of the transport tube.

The inward movement of plate 837 results in the axial fixing of clamping casing 62 to transport tube 28 which is received within clamping casing 62. The seal members prevent particles from escaping out between the gap which exists between the transport tube and clamping casing. 5 illustrates dispensing device 22 in position with respect to FIBC 128.

A dispensing assembly as recited in claim 1 wherein the gas feed conduit of said dispensing device extends along an interior surface of said transport tube and opens into said gas receipt chamber. Clamping casing 62 of dispensing device 22′ is releasably fixed to tube 28 in the first position by activating or positioning an axial fixing assembly such as one of those described above (e.g., threading a thumb screw inwardly to pinch a spring plate against the tube). Following securement of the dispensing device 22 in outlet tube 134, the knot can be untied to release the fine particles above rope 148. As will be explained in greater detail below the activation of cord drawing device 146 and opening of the base of outlet tube 134 does not lead to a direct exiting of particles out of outlet tube 134, but releases the particles to the below positioned dispensing device sealed within the interior of outlet tube 134. Recess 144 is used in combination with fixing device 136 to securely connect the dispensing device with respect to outlet tube 134 and to help in locating strap placement.

A dispensing assembly as recited in claim 38 further comprising a headpiece at said inlet opening of said transport tube, and said means for injecting gas including a plurality of circumferentially spaced gas injection ports formed in said headpiece and extending, at least to some extent, radially outward from the central axis of said transport tube. A dispensing assembly as recited in claim 39 further comprising a headpiece at said inlet opening of said transport tube, and said means for injecting gas including a plurality of circumferentially spaced gas injection ports formed in said headpiece and extending, at least to some extent, radially outward from the central axis of said transport tube. A dispensing assembly as recited in claim 38 wherein said gas injection means includes a branch conduit having an exhaust opening coaxially aligned with said transport tube. a clamping casing which extends about said transport tube, and said transport tube being axially adjustable with respect to said clamping casing between a first position and a second position within said container, with said first position placing said clamping casing closer to said head piece than said second position, and

1B and 2 there can be seen coupling section 94 provided at the rear end of tube 28 which receives coupling member 96. 1A and 2, valve 88 is provided to prevent and to allow for the introduction of pressurized air from pressurized air source 90 (e.g., a pump or pressurized gas cylinder) and through intermediate line 92 extending between valve 88 and source 90. Interior surface 84 of casing 62 is sized slightly larger than the exterior surface 86 of tube 28 and a seal member or members can be provided to preclude the passage of fine dust through this gap.

Although the membrane-bound protein EIN 2 is critical for ethylene signaling, the mechanism by which the ethylene signal is transduced remains largely unknown. Ethylene gas is essential for developmental processes and stress responses in plants. Estimating the Reactivation Potential of Pre-Existing Fractures in Subsurface Granitoids from Outcrop Analogues and in-Situ Stress Modeling: Implications for EGS Reservoir Stimulation with an Example from Thuringia (Central Germany) Full Text Available An increasing occurrence of blackgrass (Alopecurus myosuroides with high densities has been reported for Brandenburg, Hessen, Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony and Thuringia .

All-Time Ranking Germany 6h men

(author) [German] Die Schweizerische Akademie der Technischen Wissenschaften (SATW) hat Moeglichkeiten und Konsequenzen eines Coordinated powertrain control for automatic transmission systems – a contribution to making driving easier and reducing environmental pollution; Koordinierte Antriebsstrangsteuerung fuer automatische Getriebe – ein Beitrag zur Entlastung von Fahrer und Umwelt

In one case, radioactivity of the polluted rock material, a wide spectrum of pollutants and a high pollutant level necessitated adapted solutions. (orig.) [German] Risiken in unserer modernen Gesellschaft werden sehr unterschiedlich bewertet.

When essentially all of the particles have been removed from the FBIC, dispensing device 22′ is shifted back into the first position while air or gas is still being injected into the FBIC and the vacuum force is still being applied. 6 also illustrates dispensing device 22′ (or 22) positioned in a first position wherein it is positioned within outlet conduit 134 with head piece 34′ just below (e.g., within 10 cm and preferably within 4 cm) cord drawing device 146 at the base of the outlet nozzle. The operator can easily release the fixed arrangement between the clamping casing and transport tube by backing off screw 831 (and hence spring plate 837) whereby the transport tube can be axially shifted and then locked in a different position. Dispensing device 22′ features a modified head piece 34′ which is preferably a stamped plate or the like (or part of the original tube itself and bent around the front end 24 of tube 28) and welded or otherwise fixed into position. As discussed in greater detail below, however, the tube’s length and diameter are variable with the goal being to provide a dispensing device easily handled by a single operator, sized for a close fit with an outlet conduit of a container and which can achieve the desired degree of container dispensing within a given time period.

The ethylene-insensitive3/ethylene-insensitive3-like ( EIN 3/EIL ) proteins are a type of nuclear-localized protein with DNA-binding activity in plants. In der vorliegenden Arbeit wird das Konzept der lokalen, kaelteinduzierten ischaemischen Nekrose vorgestellt: Dabei erfolgt eine

In this paper we present a techno-typological analysis of a fair sample of fan scrapers and fan scrapers spalls from Wadi Rabah and Early Bronze Age layers at Ein In other words, harmony of sounds and synchronization through which prose becomes rhythmic and melodious is one of the aesthetic aspects of the mystical prose of Ein Overview of the Factors Music Making in Tamhidat by Ein al-Ghozat Hamedani Secondly, through recourse to a variety of genres it can show that the Hollywood films of the 1950s offer a greater richness of answers to the crisis than heretofore assumed.Uta Fenske beschäftigt sich in ihrer Dissertation mit den Männlichkeitsentwürfen des klassischen Hollywoodfilms der 1950er Jahre. Stars als Human Brands im Sport: Ein State of the Art

(orig.) [Deutsch] Chinas Geschichte ist gepraegt vom Kampf mit dem Wasser. Finally the necessity is emphasized to use energy policy to solve quickly some problems in order to improve the standing of German electric utilities. In a regenerative energy system with strong fluctuations in electricity production, the importance of short-term storage is increasing – on the one hand, in order to optimal need-oriented use of the energy supply, on the other hand, at any time to ensure a high network quality.

a fixing means which is supported by said clamping casing when in operational position. A dispensing assembly as recited in claim 21 further comprising a second sealing member with one of said sealing members provided at a forward region of said clamping casing and another at a rearward region of said clamping casing.

The transport unit includes a suction generating device for drawing product through the transport tube and the transport line. The dispensing device further comprises an inflatable member received within the circumferential recess formed in the forward section of the clamping casing.

The head piece has a forward end essentially commensurate with the product inlet opening in the transport tube. Upon gas introduction, the inflatable member is radially expanded out away from the clamping casing and into contact with the flexible outlet nozzle of the container. This sloped forward end contacts and rides along the exterior surface of the transport tube. The pinching of the belt by the wing screw as well as the pinching and locking of the transport tube by the pinched belt is terminated when the wing screw is retracted. One or more threaded bore holes open into the circumferential recesses such that a wing screw or the like received by a corresponding bore hole forces the belt into frictional contact with the exterior surface of the transport tube when the screw’s end is threaded inwardly.

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